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Artist | Hobbyist | Design & Interfaces
United States
Oh hey there! I'm an artist of many sorts!
Personal info-
-NB (Born male if that helps you)
-No one respects Pronouns anyway, call me whatever.
-Single as of the last 8 years
-Pan ♥
-13 Years in various artistic mediums
-I use The Gimp,, Aseprite, and Photoshop as needed.
-I like to cook
-I greatly value music, as an influence and medium.


That's the end of the line for now, I have no idea if/when I'll upload again but you're all up to date on what some of what I've worked on this year.

I know it's another radical change but I hope at least one person out there found something meaningful in them.

Good luck everyone, take care of yourselves!
400 Watchers! Thank you all so much for lumping with me. Any interest in some more PSDs and possible Tuts and WIPs to go with the new stocks to celebrate?
First song upload! Starting with a simple loop I made for some spooky caves in the game. Let me know if this Soundcloud delivery works for you guys!
Hey, hope you're all having a lovely fall! 
Chiming in to say uploads will be different this month.
How? That's a surprise! 
This is a journal technically and I don't expect many if any will read it so I guess I could treat it like one for once.
I'll do this backwards in hopes of providing clarity.

So for the last two months my mother has been acting odd, we thought it was the Summer heat as her multiple sclerosis tends to give her more trouble in hot months however it turns out part of it was a bedsore (Read: decaying flesh patch under her skin) they also found traces of infection and gave her antibiotics and found her hemoglobin was extremely low (Read: low amounts of iron and oxygen carrying blood) so she had to get 4 pints of blood to try and return her to normal.
They told us we'd have to work with "wound care" coming to our home to help with the wound the bedsore left and we still need to follow up to figure out fully why she was low on blood in the first place.

As for me I've been dealing with tons of dread. A lot of it worrying about my mother and my father, and some it for myself too.
I've been feeling it overwhelmingly for a while now and right now I'm feeling especially crushed; I've been putting it into my art since February and while I've felt catharsis I also feel it well up again soon after too.
I am however less afraid of things like the dark and being alone now.

So art stuff yeah? I just dropped off halfway through April and haven't been back. I've been working scarcely on things, mostly my Minecraft resource pack since I've been changing it so much and redoing a lot of it.
I've got years worth of things to upload to DA but right now I can't afford a uniform schedule so I'll be uploading my graphic design work I've done at a random pace just to share it.
It's all very different from what I've been doing lately, I tried to take a different approach at capturing fear and deeper darker emotions.

I hope you're all well or will be soon, take care of yourselves and good luck out there.


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Thanks for the fav! ^^
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Thank you for the llama, Eric. Have a nice week.
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Hi there! Thanks for the support I am a dummy! 

Feel free to like our facebook page, thank you so much!
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Thanks for considering my recent picture to be inspirational. :)I am a dummy! 
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Absolutely! The result is awesome and your linework is phenomenal. Thank you for sharing (Especially the step by step, I love seeing breakdowns of art) Smile :D 
MacabreDoodle Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist Artist
:happybounce:  Yay. It's fascinating to me too.
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